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Contemporary Ideas for Arabic-Inspired Interior Design in Dubai

When it comes to villa or apartment restoration in Dubai, you have a wide range of alternatives and themes to pick from. However, there is one classic concept that will always be popular in the UAE region: Arabic interior home renovation design. Arabic design is not only classic, but also timeless, and it complements most modern design ideas. You can effortlessly include Arabic designs into your current minimalist and modern layouts. In this article, Primex, one of Dubai’s leading villa renovation businesses, will walk you through some of the best contemporary concepts for Arabic-inspired interior designs. So read all the way to the end and share it with all of your friends that enjoy getting creative inspiration.

Incorporate Rich Color into Your Design
One of the most distinguishing features of Arabic-inspired décor is the use of rich, vibrant colors. Deep, rich colors such as forest browns, ruby reds, orange, yellow, gold, and others are commonly employed in Arabic interior design. If you don’t want to go too bold, you can hang artworks with such dark tones on the walls. If you aren’t as daring, you may always incorporate these jewel-toned hues into décor items like cushions, draperies, and accent pieces. Consider using a peacock blue carpet in a space with earthy tones; it will be visually appealing and add texture to stimulate the residents. Many apartment remodeling businesses in Dubai utilize this technique when they have a small room and want to make it appear larger.

Do not forget about plush cushions
Arabic culture places a high value on family. The design of the living room, which acts as the center point for family gatherings and bonding, reflects this. The key here is plenty of space and a tight-knit seating area. Although couches and chairs are currently widespread in Arabic interior design, a true style would have numerous soft cushions scattered around the space for comfortable seating. Complete the look with a traditional, very soft Arabic carpet. Leading home restoration firms in Dubai recommend that you experiment with pillows when redoing your space with an Arabic-influenced theme because it is inexpensive and allows you to change the concept every few months if it does not suit your taste. Along with cushions, you may incorporate draperies, rugs, and throws into your Dubai renovation; these additions are also suitable for families. You may ensure that your carpets, throws, and drapes have a strong Arabic influence and design patterns. Nothing will beat the splendor this arrangement will bring to your home.

Use wooden furniture as much as possible
Many Dubai refurbishment businesses have remarked that deep wood is a popular material for furniture in the city’s Arabic-inspired luxury interior design. Side tables, low benches, sofa couches, and low wooden coffee tables are all great options. Furthermore, intricate motifs are commonly carved into hardwood furniture, adding a refined touch. Because it is frequently hot in the Arab world, wood has been a popular option of furniture since ancient times, as it has a cooling effect. What was once a need has evolved into an aesthetic, and everyone from celebrities to remodeling professionals in Dubai recommends using wooden furniture items to create an Arab-inspired motif in your home.

Choose furniture made of walnut, peach, lemon, or rosewood for a more realistic appearance. You might ask your professional home renovation services in Dubai to help you find unique furniture items with Arab elements for your home. Another advantage of wooden furniture is that you may use it to redecorate your office. Assume you wish to refurbish your office in Dubai with an Arab motif. A simple solution is to incorporate a lot of wooden furniture into your design.

Don’t Forget the Bling. Gold! Use a lot of it
When you engage a top-tier remodeling firm in Dubai, such as Primex, and ask for an Arab theme, they will recommend gold accents in your décor. The best part is that you can never have too much gold in your Arab design, so bling as much as you like. Metal accents are a common choice for Arabic-style home décor. Gold and brass objects shine especially brightly, and silver occasionally works as well. Metal samovars, flower vases, and tea trays can bring a touch of sparkle to your home. Simultaneously, wooden ornamental elements can significantly enrich and compliment metal décor.

Use Arabic lanterns
Before you begin any house remodeling in Dubai with an Arabic motif, make sure to include an adequate number of Arabic lanterns throughout your space and design. Similar to decor items, metal lanterns are the most common style option for an Arabic motif. Drop chandeliers and beautifully carved lanterns are great choices because Arab homes are famed for their majesty. You may even come across some elegant lighting alternatives embellished with gemstones. Experts at Primex, one of the first to offer the best interior renovation in Dubai, can assist you in selecting an Arab-inspired lighting fixture that will complement the rest of your room’s motif and décor.

Primex is a renowned remodeling contractor in Dubai. You can design the house of your dreams with the help of our talented interior designers. We can create your ideal home, whether it is modern or includes Arabic influences in its interior design. Contact us today to start your home renovation in Dubai! We provides many services such as bathroom renovation in dubai

Home renovation in dubai